Why you don’t feel better: The untold truth about paybacks.

Harnessing a spirit of forgiveness.

Let go of offence. Let go of fear. Let go of revenge. Don’t live angry, let go now! Joel Osteen

Revenge they say is as tasteful to the spirit as a glass of fine wine!

However, there is a little twist to this belief which most of us ignore. Revenge is a double edge sword, we most often ignore the other edge and it secretly pierces our spirit in colossal ways.

We all have a tendency to insult when insulted, cheat when cheated on, push when pushed and generally payback the same hurt and pain which we received. But those who have been through this circle will tell you their retaliation or “clap back” as we often call it didn’t change how they felt as they imagined it would.

Revenge gives you a temporal relief after you see the other person in the same pain they made you go through, how ever the pain comes back sooner than later; but this time around it hits harder than before. Millions of people still walk in significant pain even after they had the chance to payback the person who did them wrong.

Does this indirectly mean that revenge is not at all fulfilling?

Not at all, revenge does feel good, but for how long is the most disturbing question, and what happens when the feeling of fulfillment goes away? does it take away the original pain?

The truth is revenge takes up your time, resources, emotions and in some cases your freedom, but what is doesn't do is delete that original pain completely.

It does you more good to forgive and let go, I know this sounds like a cowardly thing to do, but it’s the best medicine for a person; with time, they feel whole again and without blemish.

One thing Moses didn’t tell us about the law of “an eye for an eye” was this…

Plugging out your enemy’s eye may hurt him, but it doesn’t take away your own pain.

This is the reason why we walk around with bags of invisible burdens even after plugging off the eyes of our “enemies”.

Hurt and pain are internal, and we can’t get an external cure for an internal wound, this is a fatal and hopeless effort, many who have walked this road hardly recover completely.

The best revenge is forgiveness, let go of offenses even without formal apologies given, it heals your heart and keeps your soul at peace. Plotting revenge day and night is like stabbing yourself everyday unknowingly. A day shall come when you may bleed to death!

Consider this, whenever you forgive, you are adding another day to your life on earth. With this in mindset, you will keep yourself void of terminal diseases caused by stress, anxiety and anger, lead a peaceful life and most importantly, give someone a moral lesson by not fighting back in anger.

Rather than focusing your energy on how hard you will clap back at the girl opposite the street who insulted you yesterday, spend time and understand why she did what she did, and deliberately forgive her even if you are not awarded an apology; it ensures your peace of mind whenever you walk down that street.

Not only does this show how compassionate and kind you are, it also expresses your level of emotional maturity.

Imagine you were sexually assaulted and the person who did that to you was immediately killed or sent to prison. You feel a sense of relief and excitement because you feel justice has been served and he deserves to be dead or in prison.

Months pass by and you still feel the pain and sometimes have a recap of what happened to you that awful day, you start to wonder why you are having these feelings even after Justice has been served!

The answer is simple, you have not yet healed your wounds.

What you need to do is accept what happened and forgive them for hurting you so deeply, even when you know you may never get a real apology. This will go a long way to heal and restore your happiness sooner than you imagined.

This is not to signify that those who commit crimes or hurt you don’t deserve to be punished, on the contrary they should, if not more crime waves will increase putting us in a world of complete chaos.

Everyone should be held accountable for their crimes but never expect that someone else’s pain will be used as a permanent cure to yours. It may cure you, but just for a while but the pain comes back.

So my dear friends, let your heart be void of any malice or hatred, that’s the true and permanent antidote for a happy and healthy life.

No pill of of payback has ever cured a cancerous heart!

Forgive, forget if possible, wash your enemies feet whenever you get the chance and you will be walking the road to eternal relief and happiness.

Thanks again for walking through my thoughts, hope they were helpful. If you enjoyed it please give a clap and if you didn’t I will love to hear your reasons why!

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