Waiting for the Slumber

Our unknown road to tomorrow

I heard a story that made me wonder,
how God’s grace abides in the furthest of boarders;
Even when our sins have saturated all corners,
His love opens its arms, and with forgiveness our blemish he covers.

Unworthy we all are….big and small, rich and poor;
Believers or not, we have all fallen short of his grace,
Which with us has always remained.

Yet to his laws we don’t abide,
we curse and hate, and grumble and fight;
Both with ourselves and brothers on the other side,
then we dwell and wallow in strife.

Evil has eaten deep in our marrow,
we are emptier than a bow without an arrow,
Useless as a wheel without a barrow,

Yet in all these things his love is awoken,
My God still remains faithful, his promise never to be broken,
I know by his word, my heart is never forsaken

When we kill and steal
and sin and shield,
full and fulfilled, his word stands tall;
his promise of love remains boldly on the wall
never affected by our human faults

Come back to me oh yee who fall!
the voice in the desert far away roars
But how many will heed to this call?
How many forgive and let go the thorns?

Tell me, what do we live for if not to abide?
His wish, is for us to flourish forever by his side.
But far from him we wonder,
With promises to return just before the slumber

for he stays the same and our sins never remembers.

But which man can tell his day of slumber?
For we heard stories foretold, of men who slept strong,
but in their might, never saw a new day’s dawn.
How sure are you, that your case won’t follow the norm?

We never know when we will leave this world (our day of slumber). This is just a reminder that life is uncertain, do right now, while you can; accept Gods love now, while it still stands.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, no one knows his dying day.

A one-time Business Developer who fell for writing — lover of life. Pursuing MA in Communication.*Ghostwriter, content creator: contact me: Twitter @joanamanwi

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