The Church is to Blame for the Fall of Virgins.

Bruce Christianson — unsplash

When it comes to the issue of sex, most churches partake in guilt preaching, inflicting fear and sometimes curiosity in the minds of it’s Christians. Sermons are hardly focused on the cause & preventives, the emphasis is always on “Don’t have sex”. Which is more or less useless to most young Christians battling sexual urges and those who will in due time.

Even the holiest of people have hormones that demand sexual fulfilment, it is the church’s responsibility not to make others feel dirty for having these thoughts & feelings.

The most significant need in overcoming the shame culture in the church, especially as it regards sex, is an embodiment and understanding of grace and forgiveness which emphasizes the reality of sin being removed. That’s what purity is, a removal of sin. Jesus didn’t die so the church could perpetuate the guilt of the sexually sinful. His death provides the removal of sin from us to Him and the gift of purity from Him to us. — BARNABAS

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