So You Don’t Do Dating Apps?

Someone asked me a question a few weeks ago about the best places to meet prospective partners. I thought of various options such as social events, introductions from friends and family etc. and dating apps came to mind. Since we are in Africa and things are a little bit different here, I decided to do a survey to know the percentage of people who actually use dating apps; or have an intention to do so and vice versa. Below are the results.

From the survey, 41% of people said they will not use a dating app, 30% were undecided and 29% confirmed their interest in dating apps. These results show that a multitude of lads and women have nil interest in dating apps; i.e. dating apps are a less prioritized go to zone to find a partner.

Even though most people reject dating apps, there is a likelihood to convert the remaining 30% undecided people to see reason with the benefits of dating apps. If this is done, we may just have about 59% of rapt young people open to using dating apps;….. That is where I stand today.

To better understand the results, I asked a few people and googled on reasons why most people do not use dating apps. Their reasons ranged from the presence of perverts, lies & frauds on these apps etc. However, among these reasons, the most important yet ostracized reason is this;

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The world today is a global community where in people meet virtually and do business and other activities. If every other thing can be done online, why not finding a good mate? What is the worst thing that can happen? You either find a good mate or you do not; which is the same thing in the real world.

The internet has so much to offer us if only we can be more receptive and open-minded. Yes, it is hard to trust someone online, but last I checked no risk no reward. So what if people say you are on a dating site due to failure in real life, if you succeed online, you will be happy; moreover, it is your life and your choice.

The pros and cons on dating apps are actually found on all social media platforms, the only difference between dating apps and the others, is the fact that one aims to “make you meet the love of your life” while the other is just a medium to interact with friends, business partners etc. Therefore, the main difference between these applications is in their initial purpose.

Dating apps are great, they offer you a variety to choose from, and there is less pressure as to what the person wants primarily. It also gives a little bit more focus since most of those there are looking for the same or similar things as you.

You say you do not use dating apps? well that’s somewhat untrue, most people find dates online via Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. and you may just be among those people. Yes, the social media channels are not openly branded dating apps but they perform the same functions as dating apps indirectly. Therefore, it is hypocritical to spend time on Facebook looking for a great date but swear you will not use say…speed date. It is in my opinion, they are the basically the same thing.

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We all can attest to a number of good (and bad) people we have met online via these mediums. Some people built real relationships and got married while others got lifetime friends, others were scammed etc. It is a risk worth taking, like every other thing in life, nothing is 100% certain, and it is just a gamble. Dating apps are not as bad as we make them seem, yes, they have their shortcomings but if you are planning to get more contacts into your dating scene, dating apps are not such a bad idea.

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