Pre-judging is so common in today’s society, with the massive growth of the internet and social media. The lives of people (celebrities and non celebrities alike) are greatly exposed; most people have become self proclaimed judges who condemn and applaud others based on what they see and/or hear.

Life will be much desirable if we all have a little bit of empathy towards others, taking time out to understand others pain and be less scrupulous when dealing with people and circumstances.

No one is perfect, and life alone isn’t a bed of roses for anyone of us, it will help a lot to know that we have a bunch of understanding people to lead us through.

Being nice isn’t rocket science;

Your friend insulted you? ask why she got agitated in the first place and try making amends rather than clap back (which may destroy a long-term friendship) ,- your parents didn't get the birthday gift you asked for? think of how hard they work to provide you other needs and be grateful.

These are just few of the many situations which we can exercise more tolerance.

On the flip side, always ask yourself what you did wrong and how you can make amends for your actions. Most often we give ourselves a pass for the same actions which we murder others for.

Apologize even when you don’t think you are wrong, take out the trash even if it’s not your turn, be loving towards them even when they speak ill of you.

These virtues don’t only mold you into a happy person, but it in-turn helps others learn from your actions consciously or otherwise.

Start with yourself and be the light which other see and decide to change.

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