Looking for a Safe Escape? Here it is!

Everyone needs a place of escape once in a while, here is mine!

There were days I brooded over my life and wished I could be someone else, I even made plans to runaway from my own life, just to experience peace and quite away from all the fuss at the time.

Nights and days went by and I stayed with the same life, in the same body and all the troubles I wanted to run away from were at my bedside; staring me deep in the face every morning.

If you have been in such a situation before, then you definitely know how frustrating life can be at that point.

It took me a while to come to acknowledge that most of life’s troubles are a reflection of our decisions and actions; be it good or bad.

It feels easier to blame someone else or a situation for our misfortune and lament over uncertain possibilities of what could or what could not have been. However it is more healthy to face your fear, do an autopsy of your life and actions, so as to detect the real cause of your misfortune, learn from it, grow and educate others if need be.

Life won’t always be plain roses or thorns, for most, it is a unique blend of both which not only distinctively designs the course of their lives, but it sets them on a level of success and maturity which they otherwise may not have attained.

The sad reality of life is; no one can co-live your life with you, you are absolutely alone and are solely responsible for your actions and their repercussions.

Don’t believe your parents are responsible for you! that is just a superficial fact because what ever decision you take affects you and you alone. They may be affected partially by your decisions but you are the only icon of your life and if you choose to fall or rise, you will feel the pinch most.

The sad reality of life is; no one can co-live your life with you

The good news is, you don’t have to go through life alone!

I know this sounds both weird and confusing, but my point is this, you cannot get someone else to experience your life in your own body or receive the repercussions of your actions internally.

On the contrary, you can have someone who will be with you all the way through your ups and downs. They can be your guide, mentors or just a shoulder to cry on; such as parents, friends, spouses, siblings, spiritual leaders, mentors etc.

Everyone needs a support system to empower, enrich and motivate them at one point or another and vice versa.The world is not on your shoulders and you don’t have to carry all the burden and stress alone.

Life’s weights are too heavy to be carried alone all through, we all need support on the way, that’s the role of support systems. They give us the help we need at particular periods, some people are lucky to have the same support systems throughout their lives. Exercise an attitude of gratitude to those who have been there, those who are still there now and those yet to come.

Most people feel relieved after talking about their problems with just anyone and it works for them. However, with the uncertainty, back biting etc. people really don’t know who to trust with burdens; neither do they know which shoulder is safe enough to cry on.

They are scared of being judged and gossiped about by the same people they believe to have their best interests at heart.

Today’s fast paced world also makes a lot of us too busy to listen to a friend in need, 5 mins seems like 6 hours to be spent listening to and empathizing with a friend, relative, colleague etc.

The safe escape

What if I told you, you don’t need all these confidants who may hurt or gossip about you? What if i told you there is someone ready and able to listen to you whenever, however, and wherever you feel the need to release life’s pressures?

What if I told you there is complete peace and serenity with this person? Will you give yourself a chance to be open and genuine about your feelings without reservation?

No matter who you are or your beliefs, you need to have an entity above yourself whom you can run to and completely vent life’s burdens on. No human being is able to absorb your troubles and theirs tirelessly without backing out at some point.

As someone who has undergone enormous stress and failure at a young age, I needed someone whom i could trust relentlessly, without having to look over my shoulder or wonder what the person might do with the information shared.

I deeply needed an escape, not just a temporal pill or addiction as most people do, but a safe, healthy and morally uplifting escape.

I spent time with spiritual leaders and got to learn about Jesus and he’s amazing love for us. Every minute I spent with him was worth while(and still is); I left feeling more fulfilled and less pressured than before.

I grew up in a Christian home, but it was until life hit me hard, that I took my spirituality serious and actually got to see it’s impact on me beyond imagination.

This is not an article to convert anyone (but it’s great if it does), the simple point is YOU NEED A SPIRITUAL GET AWAY EVERYDAY!

No matter your beliefs on Christianity and Jesus Christ, the fact still remains, you need spiritual entity higher than you, where you could cast your burdens and be completely vulnerable without fear of judgement or castigation.

Many people fight the thought that peace and comfort can be found in depending on someone other than themselves, friends or family. Try getting to know Christ just a little bit and you will feel better than you anticipated.

….Enough preaching Joan^-^

There is so much relief in depending on someone who you belief has the answers to everything you are going through, someone who has your back and will be there with you every step of the way.

We all know God is not a man that he shall lie, and if you doubt him, the only way to know if he is truly what we all say he is, is to taste and see his goodness.

Have you had a personal relationship with Christ? How did you feel before and after?

Hope to hear from you!


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