No man was born with a magic wand to will life’s circumstances to his taste.

So your wondering why your stress level increases as you get older?

It seems like the world’s burdens are plunged on your shoulder?

Days and nights glide away, yet you can’t help wonder, why life refuses to give you peace and shelter?

You strive to figure life out and find the way to happiness and true fulfillment, but the road seems dreaded and endless!

Well the good news is you are not alone, the bad news however? fixing your life won’t be a day’s job!

Many of us go through life with bags of expectations from others, which most often are never fulfilled; leaving us frustrated, angry and unproductive.

People in your life can help get you to a successful point but they can never do all the work for you!. Life isn’t sugar coated everyday for everyone!

Social media has clouded our judgement and left us with illusions of a stress free luxurious life. If you still wondering how to fix your life or make it better, take advantage of the few points below;

1# No One Can Change You! Except You!

I’m sure this sounds strange to some people because they believed their parents, spouses, friends and sometimes their religion can change them. Sadly this is not exactly true, these things have the power to influence you, but no power to change you or mold you.

Even if your parents or spouses had the power to change you and make you a better person, it won’t be all that possible. Wondering why? it’s simply because they have their own lives to fix and build, no one has the time to build yours.

It’s basically impossible for someone to change you completely; they are busy with their own activities. No matter how invested they are in your goals, they can’t achieve anything for you! This is a bitter pill we all have to swallow.

No matter how helpful and concerned your mama or spouse may be about your predicament, they can’t invest 100% into your issues and find long lasting solutions. This isn’t because they are selfish or generally care less about your well-being, rather it because they are over whelmed by their own worries and goals.

Life is not particularly sugar coated to anyone; once or twice, we all get beat-up severely by life. No one can fully push us up, it’s our responsibility alone to stand up again and again.

Focus on yourself and build your abilities, if you get help from anyone, be grateful, if not, remain grateful and work harder.

Don’t rely 100% on anyone, build your aptitudes, work to change your financial situation, take care of your kids, invest in your business, get out of your comfort zone, seek advice and use it for good.

Rather than wait on someone to help you out of your predicament, make a deliberate change and work for what you want persistently.

  • if you want to become an actor, take a course, apply for a role, practice.
  • If you need a job, get out of bed and volunteer until to get the experience needed to secure you the dream position.
  • If you want to become a teacher, study hard and if needed enroll for a teaching degree.

Take charge of your life….only you can change it’s direction!

2# Life beats up everyone, no one can escape it’s punch.

As we get older, we reach higher heights of responsibility and aspirations, these come with a pool of stress, pressure and a fear of failure. This isn’t peculiar to a given set of people but to human kind as a whole. No one is immune to growth, stress and life’s unending pressures.

Do you still feel like someone owes your something because you are friends, besties, siblings etc..? save yourself the trauma and focus on yourself, they have their own troubles which you know nothing about.

Don’t curse your longtime friend for not attending your graduation, a spouse who left, or your dad who doesn’t keep in touch. You never know the demons they are secretly fighting. Remember the good they did when they had the chance, be understanding even if you don’t have a reason to be, it will do you a lot of good.

Life gets us all at one point in time. The way you treat people when they are down is the same way you may be treated. Always try to understand the reasons behind peoples actions, and you will be less judgmental and more emphatic towards them; they may just do same when it’s your turn.

Even when your have been hit hard by tragedies, be brave enough to head forward alone, be excited about the next person you will meet at the next phase of your journey.

Don’t expect others to help you with the load life has bestowed on you, but be grateful for those who offer a helping hand on the side walk of life.

Smile even if you think there is no reason to; the fact that you are alive is a privileged those in the graves are wishing for!

3# Complaining bears many fruits, success sadly isn’t one!

There is little space for complainers in the home of success, but doers always have a beautiful chair on the golden table of achievement.

How many successful people do you see whining about how unfair life is or had been towards them? I’m sure you will think it is because life isn’t unfair to them at all. Far from that, successful people (how ever you define success) have their own worries and setbacks; but rather than whine, they take the front roll to find solutions.

Make an estimate of all the time you spent complaining, it’s amazing how this time spent lazily could be used to gain more information, learn, grow and battle your way out of the difficulties.

Action is the only secured way of achieving anything, wishes never come true if the needed work load is not completed. Enjoy the journey to achieving your dreams and don’t expect anyone to do the work for you. ^-^.

#4 Change your thoughts and actions and you will change your life!

We’ve all heard the famous saying “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is He”. This is not just a hypothetical saying which is used to lure people into a particular way of thinking.

All successful men today will tell you what ever they achieved, invented or lead successfully was first initiated and pictured in their minds; no success came to light by striking a magical wand. Reason why we are advised to be discrete and selective with what we let into our minds, for what we take in and process repeatedly becomes practical in our lives.

Our mind is our force and to be successful means to repeatedly format every toxic thought or theory downloaded from past software and walk in optimism, if you aim to be successful at anything.

It is easy to think negatively about situations and circumstances that surround us, but today take the challenge and see good in everything that happens to you. This will not only give you the peace of mind which you heartily crave, but it will help you be more grateful for what you have. As a rule of thumb, gratitude is the gateway to unending success and prosperity.

#5 Don’t get fooled you can be contaminated: Avoid toxic people

Changing ones thought pattern is easy in an instant, but we need to make a conscious effort to avoid anything that may lead you back to the path you dread.

“Don’t be fooled, bad company corrupts good morals” 1 Corinthians 15:33.

No matter how mature and “uneasily” influenced you may claim to be, the more you stay with people with certain traits be it good or bad, you will soon become like them. So the advice is not to run away from people, but rather, make meaningful friendships with those that posses attributes you wish to attract for yourself.

The path you wish to undertake has been undertaken by some people before you, rather than finding a way alone, seek their counsel, blend it with your ideas get positively contaminated and pave a long lasting historic path for yourself.

If you want to be wise, sit by wise people, if you need investment advice; seek the company of top investors, if you need to build your spirituality; make friends with spiritually sane and matured people (don’t mistaken church goers for spiritually matured individuals).

Who ever you want to become, associate yourself with like minded individuals and your destination matched with hard-work will be at your grasp.

Thanks for taking time out to read this! I hope it has been helpful. If it was, please do give us some comments and claps below.


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