Going Nude is your only chance of Securing Mr Right!

Men Don’t Think Like Women Part I


In the early hours of yesterday, while I was languorously scrolling down my YouTube home page, I stumbled on a video about a sensitive topic few people talk about or at least take seriously. Before diving into the topic and what I learned from this almost 7 Minuit video, permit me to share a few things on my mind.

Contrary to what most women think or chose to believe, men don’t reason like women, they never have and never will . What most of us women believe about men is primarily from a woman’s perspective, which is far from who men really are and what they truly embody. To be able to better relate with men both in romantic and platonic relationships, I advise strongly that we should be mindful of who we take advice from. In my opinion it’s preferable to take counsel from men, or women who have a solid understanding of the mannerisms of male species, rather than just any untaught body.

That said, it is no news to us all that a majority of men are attracted by what they see and women what they hear. What a man sees arouses the same or similar feelings of want which a woman gets when she catches affectionate words.

Since women have come to the awakening that men are attracted by what they see, they wear revealing clothes to pull them over and guess what? this works like magic.


On the other hand, men know for sure that gratifying words have the power to blow any woman off her feet. With this in mind, they tell us just what we want to hear, so they can have their way with ease; and it works pretty cleverly as well.

It is remarkably a great thing that men and women are trying to understand each other.

But has the availability of information on what men and women want done more good or ill? Are we having more fruitful relationships or have we fallen below the bare minimum standard? these are the questions on my mind .

With the aim of attracting men, women have gone to hell and back trying to get the perfect body shape, haircut, butt, boob size…. you name it. It is no surprise to find extremely revealing pictures on our social media walls from girls and women of different ages, all these aimed at getting and hopefully keeping the attention of a man or men.

These pictures are sexy they say, you look ravishing, I can’t wait to have you, you are the prettiest woman alive etc; these and many other comments are uttered by men…and women too. With such positive utterances (and a few negative ones), we can presume that all the women flaunting nudity online are loved by millions of men and have ravishing relationships that the decent and poised women sadly don’t.

At least the number of likes and comments from men on these pictures give us that idea. But in reality, this is hardly the case, most of these women AKA managers of “Men are Scum.com” as I love to call them, are actively dancing from one relationship string to anothers. Men come in their numbers but seem not to stay with these women long enough. They happen to find themselves in a myriad of relationships, which actually lead to nowhere.

Enough of my rants, let’s talk about the video I saw on YouTube.

The video was based on a social experiment carried out by Steve Harvey, to find out what men really think about women who flaunt half naked/naked pics on social media. It also took into account the impact these pictures may have on their careers.

You can take a look at it for yourself below.

Steve Harvey Show

Summarily, for those who didn’t have the time to watch, steve and his team surveyed a couple of men and showed them “sexy” pictures of a few women; then asked for their honest feedback. The men acknowledged that these women in question were very attractive, but they as men will not consider them for serious relationships. However, they will date them or like one man said “I will play with her” but certainly not show her to my mother.

On the aspect of their carriers, these women stood a 99% chance to be eliminated from a recruitment procedure if photos like this were found. So basically the video is saying not only will most men not value or keep a woman who showcases nudity online, these same women stand a chance of loosing jobs and destroying their images for good.

Wait a second!…. all this malchance over a beautiful sexy picture which really meant no harm? Seriously?…….well sadly yes!

Like I said in the beginning, men don’t think like women. What we believe will attract and keep them close, may just be the perfect concoction to send them away, or better still pull them for short while; just before they take to their heels.

After watching this video, a slap of awakening hit me and I couldn’t help but cry for my fellow women, who go through thick and thin just to post the best sexy social media pictures and secure the most likes. So Steve meant to say all their effort is somehow thrown away by these men? who think they are just toys to be “played with”?; this is so unfair to us women!….after all the work we put in?

I shared the video with a few friends, some loved it while others were not so pleased and found ways to justify why their mode of dressing is in no way passing on a wrong massage or pulling in the wrong men. If you watched the video, you can see I didn’t make this up myself, neither was I part of the social experiment. So my views here are based on what “MEN THINK” not me.

My take on the issue is this; if the men tell us (women) what they really think about our mode of dressing and we chose to stick with our own perceptions from god knows where, we should be ready to deal with the repercussions and not blast social media walls with the famous “Men are Scum” slang (which actually irritates me).

As norm I always write down a few things I learn so as to come back to it when the need arises. From the above video, I picked up a few lessons I believe women shout jot on their “post it” notes as a reminder.

  • Men are hunters, the less effort the put into a hunt, the lower their probability to value their catch. To entice a man, be a hard hunt, be rare, just enough to keep him trying but not too much to chase him away.
  • Men are selfish and territorial, whatever they capture, they desire to keep for themselves and themselves only.
  • Men take advantage when ever opportunity strikes. They are natural seekers of new adventures especially if it means breaking walls.
  • Men unlike women judge greatly from their first impression. If you want to break his walls, you better hit hard the first time.
  • Men are simple and straight forward, women just interpret their desires differently.

In up coming writeups, I will try breaking down the above points to better enhance clarity for my fellow women…and men too.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to share you thoughs if any, in the comment section.

Have blessed day — Ama. J

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