Blinded By Comfort: Why you must leave your comfort zone to become a “Goal Getter”!

Step out and discover the beauty of the unknown!

Many a times we all get scared of leaving our homes, jobs, relationships, churches and even countries to explore the wonders and opportunities hidden in the nooks and cranes of the earth or even just in our back yard. A lot of people prefer to stay in areas and situations within their control where in they can predict the odds and hopefully shape destiny’s face to their favor. Those courageous enough to leave their comfort zones, most often freeze with fear and uncertainty the instant they are out of their well carved and mastered castles and golden cots.

COURAGE according to Mark Twain is the “resistance to fear, the mastery of fear and not the absence of FEAR”. This is to say we are all prone to fear and those courageous enough to face their fears, are those who have a mastery of their fears not those who “lack fear” as we most often believe.

Being mare mortals, we are incapable of predicting exactly how our lives will look like a year, a minute or even a second away, it is but natural to feel overtly anxious once faced with the unknown. This makes some people avoid and reject any form of deviation from their comfort zones into new areas.

My experience and movement away form my comfort zone in my early 20’s made me see the world in a different light, it gave the opportunity to grow and appreciate the beauty and diversity of cultures, people and most especially my self. After my degree, many questions came to my mind and every one around me seemed to have just the perfect idea of what I should or should not be doing at that point in my life.

As for my mom she thought it’s time to get a job, my lecturers on the other part believed its more reasonable to further my education, my friends however thought its finally time to live a little, have some fun, after all I was just in my 20's.

Even though mixed up in all these opinions and suggestions on what to do next in my life, one thing remained clear in my mind; I had to leave home! As Africans (Cameroonians), leaving home at an early age is devastating for most parents (most often denied) for fear of the unknown. This notion among others goes a long way to hinder many African youths from stretching and moving beyond their confined “safe zones” to achieve great things.

Finally! after a tough debate, I left home!!!!!.

Learning is the eye of the mind!
  • No one truly cares about you or your goals except you:

Fresh from the family home, I was still under the false impression that everyone cared about who I want to be and will be dedicated to helping me achieve my goals. After an impressive number of rejections from employers coupled with little or no compassion received from my new surrounding, I realized that only I was the driver of my goals and no one will actively help me get to the finish line. Constant rejection and months of joblessness and frustration fueled me with more reasons to push harder, I became more determined and adamant to reach my goals in hardship than I ever was in the comfort of my mother’s home town.

  • The different people you interact with shape both your approach to life & ability to succeed in life:

As social beings we live and learn from our environment and those we entangle ourselves with. Moving to a new town and meeting new people strengthened my blend of resilience, diplomacy just to name a few and give me an insight on life I otherwise may not have gotten. As an aspiring entrepreneur, mastering a new language and working with different people indirectly helps reinforce and teaches me new & essential skills.

  • Truly wealthy people save and learn:

Coming to a town with a higher cost of living, having no job and just a minimum financial support from my family taught me to appreciate the value of money and the importance of knowledge. I ultimately had to to cut down on my expenditure in order to save more, I invested more in reading and informing myself on vast topics such as relationships, wealth acquisition, purpose of life etc. During this time I realized truly wealthy people spend wisely and learn everyday!

  • Time is no ones property! Even the richest men can never afford to buy her:

As a youth, life is always one big party, you feel like you can do what you want, when you want and how you want ”there’s enough time for everything”. My move away from home made me realize that time is our most precious jewel, and when lost it can never be recovered; I learned how to value every second and invest in activities which align with my goals.

  • We all have a purpose and while your sleeping others are reaching theirs:

In our early 20's most of us have this utopic view about life, our plans for the future, everything already neatly mapped out; sadly, our imagination of a fulfilled life is far from reality. It took me time to understand that we all have a purpose in life; I believe it is imperative we all discover our purpose in order to live a fulfilling and happy life.

“You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something NEW”

Brian Tracey

This article is based on my experience and lessons. You may not need to leave your home town to achieve greatness, but a step away from your comfort zone what ever it may be, a job, career etc will teach you new things which you may have missed if you stayed on the same old “COMFORTABLE SPOT”

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If you don’t agree with my thoughts, it will be my utmost pleasure to hear your point of view and hopefully learn something new.

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