Women have no other choice but to do with the leftovers.

Yesterday I was at a salon trying to get my hair done, the great thing about salons is the regular availability of “gossip”. I personally don’t jump into people’s businesses, but I can’t help but listen to to the gossip that dances in the salon while the hair dresser is pulling the brains out of my hair!

So I met this pretty lady at the saloon (young and married too) who was an advocate for women getting married no matter what!

Her point summarily was “it is better to be married to a “crazy” man than to grow old alone” (that’s her opinion and there’s nothing I could have said that might have changed her mind).

I wasn't bothered about her believing that every woman should get themselves a man even if he is an “ass” for the sake of having a man (we all make choices based on our preferences, and some women don’t mind “crazy” men, so who am I to dispute that?).

However, what caught my attention was her defense statement “all men are the same”, basically speaking she was saying; no need making a choice between A or B and just get yourself any available man.

Well this was both shocking and hilarious but it was mostly exciting to me when she tried justifying the point further (I remained silent through out and listened attentively). Her points included all men cheat, lie and all what not so women shouldn't choose or leave their spouses on account of “he is not a good man”.

She’s right,men do cheat and lie etc. and other relationships which women envy from afar may not be as desireable as they are made believe . Women should learn how to be patient and endure where ever they are was her message. I acknowledge her thoughts on resilience and understanding in relationships; however there is a limit to everything and everyone has a breaking point.

I really don’t mind if women marry “crazy” men (what ever the definition of crazy is) as long as they are both happy (even if they are not, it’s their life & their choice to live with not mine!).

I do however take offense in her generalizing all men as being the same, signifying that there are no good men currently walking on planet earth so women should just go with the available bad ones. This is an offensive statement which indirectly convicts men trying to move up the ladder of “a good man” and a few who are already seated there.

This mentality of “there are no good men/women out there” has and is still spear heading a lot of atomic bombs called relationships and sometimes marriages. We believe there are no better “partners” out there, so we endure physical, emotional and mental trauma in an abusive relationship all in the name of “where else can I go to? they are all the same!”

We are being polluted daily with this devastating belief. This woman’s statement (and the surprising women who seemed to concord with her) confirms most people’s lack of maturity and adequate comprehension of the society, and it’s different breed of people.

Most importantly, it shows the person’s current or past experiences. If you have a good man at home, you will believe there are good men outside, and vice versa.

Aborting this mentality will be a step to building golden staircases of healthy and strong mindsets/relationships. No two people are the same, and considering how huge the world is, I believe there is a man for every woman and a woman for every man depending on what you want and choose.

Miles Monroe insisted on this fact “ You don’t attract what you want but who you are”; This basically means that if you want a good person, start working on yourself; cultivate good morals, habits, finances, education etc. and you will attract someone like yourself. It is the indisputable law of attraction.

Before I get stabbed for the above statement, we should all note that we can still be good and kind and attract negative and corny people; It is at this point that your real self is revealed.

Jesus attracted so many evil people, not because he was evil himself, but because they wanted to test him to see how firm his ground was.

It’s the same thing we face today, be good, believe there are good people but be smart enough to detect the bad seeds offered to you.

Do you believe good people still exist?

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