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5 Messaging Habits that Make People Walk Away from You.

Get exposed to some text education.

Texting is an art. One which has gotten the globe on a roller coaster of information flow to different places at all times. It has become a vital part of our everyday lives, from sending a message to a loved one in the morning to trying to get someone’s attention on social media. Texting is one of the most used means of communication for millennials.

1 — The annoying jester.

Remember that time when you got a message and couldn't wait to know who texted until the person became annoyingly unwilling to reveal themselves?

2 — The stammering typist

No offence to stammerers but that’s how it feels when texting with someone who uses excessive shorthand.

3 — The busy bee

Remember that friend who replies to your messages hours, days, sometimes weeks later under the canopy of “I was busy?”. I used to be that friend.

4 — The publisher

My message chats haven’t reached social media…Yet, aren’t I a lucky fellow?

5 — The eves' dropper.

An ex once emailed my WhatsApp chat to himself. I’m pretty sure he spent hours, maybe days decoding the messages…that’s some hard work.

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