Self-ish February Prompt

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I’ve always had a vivid image of what true love should look like. Of course, watching Philippine dramas as a child was a huge influence. It was a perfect kind of love. One void of blemish and the haphazardness we experience today.

Maybe my choices of movies were indigent or the writers did a great job of missing the point of what true love really is. Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter anymore. I stopped watching these movies many years ago, for my own sanity and that of my future boo — “you.”

I went on a journey to find…

Self-ish January prompt response.

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I looked out my window this morning
and it’s not your regular winter day
it looks different, it feels different.
The cars are parked, and doors locked
no one seems to be going, or coming — a dead street.

We are all rolled up in blankets
scared of the unknown, it’s minus 18 degrees,
experience says it’s freezing outside, ice-cold.
The pain isn’t worth the pleasure of basking in snowflakes
but, it’s beautiful outside, I wish I could beat this!

This feeling reminds me of my dark fears
the ones I never talk about — the cold ones.
The fears of…

I accept the good times when they come and learn through the bad

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It’s funny how time flies and life changes and I’ve come to better understand how versatile life is and how little control we have over happenings.

2020 made me understand that we won’t always be happy but we can use unhappiness as a stepping stone for growth, procrastination isn’t always bad and things eventually fall in place — in due time.

Happiness is not static but growth is.

We wake up every morning looking for something to make us “happy”. Sometimes we unconsciously put the burden on others to give us a reason to live above our existing realities.

We seek even in the most subtle of…

A Poem

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He wasn’t the perfect being
didn’t say the right things
But, I could tell she was happy

He didn’t buy her pearls
nor did he know which dress fit her curves
But, we knew she was happy

She smiled widely at the sound of his voice
and laughed at his silly jokes
no one understood why, but she was happy

They lived a life we could only dream of
money couldn’t buy what they shared
it was priceless!

We watched and wished
that one day we could live
their reality in our dreams

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What else is there to look forward to as 2020 comes to an end?

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It’s my birthday, and I’m not sure if this year is worth celebrating.

What else is there to look forward to? Where are the happy December vibes? Everything feels numb — Yet I write!

Writing is a way of expressing my thoughts in a one-man only environment void of interruptions and alternate views.

It is my zone of freedom.

Most of my writing comes from a place of confusion, not clarity. …

Does motivating others feel easier than motivating yourself? Read this.

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It’s one thing to tell people to get out of their negative headspace and look at the brighter side of life; it, however, is another thing to practically walk the walk when you find yourself in the same pound.

If you are one of the people everyone looks to for help and motivation, well…you might know how hard it is to motivate your own self out of the dark pit of momentary self-pity and outright negativity.

I know how hard it is because I’m in that space right now.

Among the numerous things I dread doing, getting out of my…

These simple tips will help you land more paying clients

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A few weeks ago I got the chance to work 8 hours with a few face to face marketers and get a feel of the job.

If you are among the mass of people who consider face to face marketers annoying and impulsive, be nice next time you meet one.


Well, for starters; face to face marketing is a hard and extremely stressful job which entails constant walking and prospecting for 8 hours; sometimes more. Secondly, these people are human too. They feel the pain of rejection and aggression on your part.

I should know how hard this job…

Cancer affects both the patient and their family — stay positive.

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I love horror films, and the most remarkable horror movie I watched growing up was Saw. A lot of people can attest to how scary this movie is. Even though it is void of witches, zombies and most the creepy things horror movies are known for, watching Saw still gives you the chills.

What the victims in Saw go through somehow depict the pain bag most cancer patients carry every day. The most daunting thing is they don't go through this alone. Their families tag along.

When cancer says hi, it’s the beginning of the end for most people. Those…

A simple view of freedom from Immanuel Kant.

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A layman sees freedom as the ability to do and say anything.

Following this view, we can thus say that to be free means to go where you wish, eat what you desire and just live life with no restraints.

Is this truly what freedom is all about or there is more to this concept than we have given thought to?

Everyone wants to be free. Freedom is the watchword on the lips of many in different continents of the world. Africans cry for freedom from leaders who have submerged their countries to unending debts and economic recessions. …

How ready is the Presidency for Kamala Harris?

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris after a Democratic presidential debate 2019. Credit…Robyn Beck/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

If I had to pick one thing that sets America apart from other world powers, I would say their elections.

There is something “entertaining” and “engaging” about the whole process: from the planning and broadcasting right to the intellectual war of words — debates you name it. It feels like a blockbuster movie.

But it isn’t, it’s as real as it gets. Which makes it more thrilling.

News channels gather up unending analysis predictions that keep us on our toes in anticipation. America honestly never disappoints. What’s hot and what's not is set on the table.

I remember the 2016…

Joan Amanwi

A one-time Business Developer who fell for writing — lover of life. Pursuing MA in Communication.*Ghostwriter, content creator: contact me: Twitter @joanamanwi

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